Birthday Girl

No! Not me. It’s my sister’s birthday today. 🎈

Ma'am Marge, my sister and I.

Happy birthday to this woman. She’s the best (well, for me, all my sisters are the best in their own way) sister. She’s a loving and  understanding sister. She’s not selfish too because she’s the one sending me to school, paying for my tuition fees and giving me allowance. Love you, sis! ❤

For this special day, Mama cooked something for the birthday girl and for everyone to eat.


Of course! The Pancit Bihon. At a Filipino party, it’s that one meal that you should prepare. Everyone loves it and they say you’ll live longer if you eat it. 😁


Lechon Manok (Pinoy Roast Chicken) I would always have the chicken skin. Yum!


Pork Estofado. Stewed pork served with fried bananas.


Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce. I loved this!


What we had for dessert. Buko (coconut) with milk. Best served when chilled.


Aaand the birthday cake. Chocolate cake bought from Goldilocks.

That’s it! Konting salo-salo lang for the family. 🙂

May God bless my sister more and keep her away from harm. 🙏

Glaiza ♡


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