Who/What I Follow on Instagram

So I decided to blog about the people I follow on Instagram. I rarely follow people I do not know. But if you talk to me even on just my social media accounts and I fell comfortable talking to you then I might follow you as well. :D✌

This is actually just an A-J list. The next 10 will be featured soon. On the search option of IG, I typed the letter and whoever will be shown first is who I’ll feature here.

So, let’s start..

A – andrewwolff_
Andrew is a member of Philippine Volcanoes National Rugby Team and is also an actor. I met Andrew last April 6, 2014 because I his contest where in I’d go shopping with him sponsored by SM Mall of Asia. And so we went shopping!  It was such a fun day and Andrew was so nice to me. He even followed me back on IG and Twitter. 😍


B – biburly
Beverly is my classmate last semester. We’re not that close at school, though. But, I bet she’s nice.


C -forgottenprincess
She’s a Juan Direction / Island Media Asia fan. I met her once because the day before IMA’s mall show we agreed to meet first and go to the venue together. I haven’t talked to her for a long time, though.


D- bdjbuzz
This is a brand of a planner. I have their 2014 planner and it’s super cute and reliable. Last Sunday, they had the BDJ Fair and I attended it. I really had fun. Their were various activities and talks.


E – edwardsm24
He is one of the members of Island Media Asia and I met him once during their mall show. He’s so nice! He even gave me a Sprinto sunglasses!  🙂 as of now, together with his girlfriend, they joined the Amazing Race Philippines. Good luck!


F – fairmontnanjing
One of the hotels here in Philippines. Haven’t been inside the hotel, though. Soon! 😀


G – anagon
Ana Gonzales!! One of the Filipino bloggers I really adore. Met her once on the 7th installment of  Bloggers United. Hoping to meet her again. 🙂


H – babykiexha
Harlyn is my cousin. A proud mother of her daughter, Kiexha. The last time I met her was when I had my summer vacation at Iloilo last April 2013. Iloilo is an hour away from Manila via airplane.


I – dyolinaswift
Jolina used to be my classmate. We don’t see each other often because we have a different schedule but we’ve talked at Facebook last month because of the Feasibility Study. 😀


J – jhemaimerrick
Jeremy is an IMA fan, too. Also a fan of KPop groups and other celebrities. Also, he knows how to speak multiple languages. 👍


That’s it for tonight, guys. Follow them at your own risk. 😀

Twitter: @glaizapixie
Instagram: glaizabinayas


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