Day 1 : Your Blog’s Name


I started this blog last December  2013 and I really had a hard time what to name this blog. I wanted to use my name but I’m still not that comfortable and confident enough thinking that what if someone I know personally will find this and laugh at how I suck in English grammar. Hahah!!
Even until now, I don’t tell anyone that I own a blog. What they only know is that I read a lot of blogs everyday and that I love it when I meet some of the bloggers I like.
Anyway, about the name – glimmer of happiness – I chose it because I wanted to write anything that makes me happy or any happy moments that’s happening in my life.
Also, I wanted this to be my online diary (because it’s more safe than an actual diary/planner).   There was a time when my sister read my diary and she kept on taunting me about what I wrote. I don’t want that to happen again.
As of now, I don’t care anymore if someone I know will read this. Haha!

If you know me personally (you’ll know on some of my posts 😜) comment below! :D:D


4 thoughts on “Day 1 : Your Blog’s Name

  1. l commend you for your beautiful attitude,first step towards success is to take that first step,You express yourself your way and your style and this is in my opinion what is important.Best of luck.Jalal


  2. I am new to your blog but find you have a fresh, natural style and a very upbeat, warm outlook which is most appealing. I have enjoyed my tour this morning through your world. Stay honest in your writing, which you seem to be now, and this voice you are developing will be most unique.


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