Day 2 : 20 Facts About Me

Welcome to my Day 2 Blogging Challenge! 20 facts about me so you’ll know me a little better. 🙂

1. I’m a Filipino living here in Manila, Philippines for 6 years now. I originally came from Iloilo, Philippines (1 hour ride via an airplane from Manila).

2. I’m 23 years old and still an undergraduate student. This is because of my shifting to different courses.

3. I used to take up Chemical Engineering then shifted to Mass Communication and finally settled to Business Management.

4. I have 3 older sisters. Yes, I’m the youngest.  They all call our parents Tatay/Nanay while I call our parents Papa/Mama.

5. During elementary days, I had honors and would represent our school for various contests like poster making and essay writing.

6. I super love watching documentaries. My favorites are Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho, I-Witness, Born To Be Wild and other GMA documentaries.

7. I don’t eat tilapia (it’s a kind of fish ICYDNK), tofu and I’m not really a fan of some green and leafy vegetables.

8. I use my phone like most of the time. Not to text, though. But to update my social media sites, search for directions and any good reads, to take pictures, etc.

9. I can’t wait to graduate and have a good job to earn for my travel fantasies. ✈

10. I’m a very shy person. I don’t have enough confidence but I’m working on that. 😉

11. I love watching romantic movies and reading romantic novels. ❤

12. I’m a frustrated singer, model and photographer. 😁✌

13. I’m petite. So, when going out I’d always go for shorts or skirts for me to look taller.

14. I used to be a working student. I’d clean classrooms to pay for my tuition. I also had a part time job, being a cashier at one of the well-known grocery store here in the Philippines.

15. I haven’t been abroad, never left Philippines yet. 😁

16. I don’t know how to drive a car, only because we never had a car. 😂

17. I wish I knew how to play instruments like guitar or drums. I watched Whiplash and I wish I was Mike Teller. :D:D

18. I’ve been single for almost 3 years now.

19. Though I’m a shy person, I like meeting new people. Just please do the talking first. 😄

20. Art museums don’t bore me. I’m captivated by all the beautiful sculptures and paintings.

Yay! That’s it Darlings!  Do we have something in common? Comment below. I’d love to know. 💋


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