Day 5 : My Proudest Moment

Wow! It’s so hard to think one. Haha! Not that I haven’t had some achievements yet but I just don’t think they’re good enough to write about this blog challenge. 👀
I’d honors, won various contests in behalf of our school, passed exams, and graduated high school but I guess to finally graduate college (few months left!!!!! 😱) is something I would be most proud of!
Just a thought of finally leaving college and not having to study/sleepless nights (at least for a year or two. Still planning to get a Master degree) is heaven!

After several hours…
Can I just scratch all of the above? Haha! šŸ˜€ I’ve remembered the part of my life that I can consider to be my proudest moment. āœŒ
When I was still in my sophomore year in college I decided to have a part time job (part-time cashier in the evening at Savemore. my first ever job!) to pay for my school fees. In that 10 months of working, I wasn’t only able to pay my fees but also to give money to my mother, buy myself a plane ticket for a vacation and buy myself a BlackBerry phone!
I’m so proud of myself that I was able to earn while studying.
I miss that part of my life that I can’t wait to graduate already and have a good-paying job or have my own business.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 : My Proudest Moment

  1. Expanding mind and intelligence is definitely a good thing to be proud of, and so is reaching a goal you set for yourself, big or small.
    I find myself having a hard time to think of a moment of pride of my own. There’s only one thing that comes to mind, overcoming my fear of elephants. I was attacked by one when I was a kid. šŸ™‚

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