Day 6 : What Am I Afraid Of

I prepared a list of the things I’m afraid of and here they are:

1. Spiders –big or small. I know a lot of peope who holds spiders like they’re the cutest. Haha! Can’t do that.

2. Creepy and pervert persons. That’s why walking alone on a dark street is a NO to me. There might also be criminals lurking.

3. Tragedy that might happen to my loved ones. Or to me. Please, no. 🙏

4. Earthquakes that might happenΒ  here in Manila.

5. Sailing when it’s raining. I’ve experienced that before and Oh my gosh! I was so scared! Plus, I do not know how to swim. πŸ˜€

6. Wild snakes. I was able to hold a large snake before when we visited the zoo but I wasn’t really scared because its mouth was taped.

7. Diving. Since I do not know how to swim.

8. Anything supernatural or paranormal. There’s no way I want to see ghosts and the like.

9. FLYING cockroaches!! 😂😂

1 more item and I’ll be able to, at least, complete the list but I couldn’t think of anything anymore.
How about you? What are you afraid of? πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Day 6 : What Am I Afraid Of

  1. Fear of Spiders is on my list as well.
    The fear of not achieving my goals and remaining in a state of poverty weighs on my mental. Your list is very good. You have COURAGE in sailing, especially when it is raining, since you don’t know how to swim. Bravery.


  2. Suffocation and/or drowning. Spiders, snakes, losing the people I love, being alone, depression, crazy (like certifiably insane) people who may be violent or unpredictable.


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