Day 9 : What’s In My Bag


Today, I went to Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle located at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila  (hotel) because of an appointment. I only brought a small bag with me that only contains some of my essentials.


1. It’s my make-up kit that contains lipstick, mascara, liquid eyeliner, foundation and my make-up brush.
2. My purse.
3. Earphones.
4. Ballpen. I always carry one everywhere. 😀
5. Umbrella. I always carry this one, too, to protect me from the sun or rain.
6. Bench Bare Me Not perfume. My favorite scent! (The lid is missing.)😜

That’s it! How about you? What’s one or two things that you’d always carry with you? 🙂


11 thoughts on “Day 9 : What’s In My Bag

  1. This is very interesting. You are the first person I’ve seen with a bag/purse that’s not so messy. I really don’t carry purses anymore. I carry my book bag well, because I’m a writer. I have a bunch of pens, blank sheets of paper, my book that I’m working on to publish,my laptop, headphones and chargers. I carry my phone on me lol. Sometimes I might have little snacks while I’m in the library. 🙂


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