Day 10 : Best Trip of My Life

It happened last March 2013. I went to Iloilo, Philippines after 5 years of staying here in Manila. I considered it the best trip of my life because I got to see and reunite again with my relatives who I haven’t met for a couple of years.
I got to live in a farm again for 2 weeks and got to inhale fresh air.



I think it’s a praying mantis. Am I right?


Mosquito bites. 😄


The best part!! Haha. Here in Manila we would buy it but in Iloilo you can pick and eat it all for free. They’re called Indian mangoes.


Like a boss! Haha


Me, my cousin (in a floral blouse) and her friends.



I wish I could post more photos, but that’s all I found on my Facebook.

I’d love to go back again. I miss eating Ilonggo food and my cousins are saying there are a lot of places to go to now in Iloilo than before.

Where’s the best trip of your life? ๐Ÿ™‚


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