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Last October 27th, Jobelle from Vietura Sofitel texted me that as part of their wellness campaign they are giving out free one session of Ultralipo or Resolift treatment to selected registrants of the Staycation Promo last July. Fortunately, I was one of the chosen lucky people!
This means a lot to me because one of my goals is to loose weight, preferably loose stomach and arm flabs. I chose Ultralipo and with this treatment it will help me achieve my goal.
My appointment was scheduled yesterday.




I was asked to wait at their lounge area and was given a form and waiver to fill up on.



↑ I loved their lounge. So cozy!! It was a brilliant idea to put plants too. I loved that there were plants everywhere.
Exactly 2:00pm, I was introduced to the nurse that will do the procedure to me and was led to this room. ↓


Yep! There were still plants.
Having the Ultralipo done to me was very relaxing and would even have made me sleep if only it doesn’t tickles me a bit. 😜 It’s like having an ultrasound to pregnant women.
Ultralipo is a non-invasive way of losing flabs through their machine’s cavitation technology. Before the procedure started, the nurse warned me that I may hear sharp sounds. No worries, they were tolerable. She also said that the sound waves helps in burning the fats but it would only take effect after 3 days to 1 week. Also it’s effectiveness depends on how many sessions you’ve done especially when you eat a lot. So, proper diet is a must and it’s good that I jog and do zumba. 🙂


Thank you Vietura for the treatment! ❤

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Disclaimer :
I wasn’t required to write this post by Vietura.


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