Enrollment, Movies, School, etc.

Hello guys. I’m two days left behind with the Blogging Challenge and I’ll try to fit 3 days challenge in one post tomorrow.

I was at school yesterday for the enrollment that I got tired and didn’t had the chance to post a blog anymore. Nevertheless, I’m so happy that it would be my last enrollment for college because it would be my last term and I’ll graduate on April 2015 (fingers crossed). 🙂

Today, the reasons why I wasn’t able to blog or do the blogging challenge are because I slept most of the time and I watched 4 movies! I watched 500 Days of Summer, The Bucketlist, My Sister’s Keeper and The Pursuit of Happyness (yes! With a Y :))  Those movies are so good!! Have you watched those movies before?

My Sister’s Keeper made me cry! It was a sad movie. Those sacrifices you’d do for your family, mother’s love for her daughter.  Haay! :’)

The Pursuit of Happyness also made me teary eyed and it’s a true story! I love movies like that. 🙂 It’s very inspiring and I’m planning to Google Chris Gardner tomorrow . 😀 I loved that scene where the father told his son not to let others tell him that he can’t do..and that if you have a dream, you should guard it. I really can’t remember the exact words, though. But yeah, it was a really good movie that talks about success and not giving up.

School will start this Monday but apparently, mine will start on Tuesday because I only have classes every Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Saturdays. I’m kinda nervous about the professors that will be teaching us, though. Some students says that the 2 professors that was assigned to teach our section are really tough and very strict. Geez! Good luck to us. 😛

Since I’d only go to school every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays that means I’ll have my internship every MWF. Waah! Hoping DMCI will hire me. 🙏

Last update 😀 I’m currently reading a book, titled The Killing Moon. Who have read it before? Is it good? It’s my first time to read a novel about werewolves. 🙂

That’s it, folks! It’s already midnight here and I should go to sleep already. Good night! Thanks for reading this far. 😁💋

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