The Manila Hotel Tour

Last Saturday, November 15, 2014, Alona and I went to The Manila Hotel for a tour.


I’ve read somewhere that The Manila Hotel hosts a hotel tour once every month but they wouldn’t mind to tour you if you’ll just walk-in at any time of the day.


That’s what my friend and I  did! We just went and asked for a guided tour and they were very nice to grant our request.

I wonder what flower this is. Do you know? 🙂
Their main lobby.

I was in awe the moment we entered the hotel. I loved their Christmas trees and decorations, and even their female staff’s blue gowns.

Merry Christmas!

I wish I took a selfie with this tree! 😍

Gift shop.

This is just the part 1 of my The Manila Hotel tour. I’ll upload the next one tomorrow. 🙂
But before we headed to this hotel, we walked Rizal Park first. Read all about it here. 🙂
As much as I want to upload all the photos in one post, I can’t because my internet connection is sooo slow (as always).

I hope you would still like this post. Hihi! 😁


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