I’ve said written here before in my blog that I want to have my internship at DM Consunji Inc. Change of plans, though, because I’ll have my internship at Bureau of Customs Port District – Manila instead.

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Pearl and I went to BOC just this morning to pass our resumes but the staff said that we can already get the exam so that if ever we’ll pass, we will only go back on Friday for the completion of the requirements.

They gave us two sets of exams – multiple choice and essay. We were then interviewed by one of the staff.

Pearl and I were so happy that we passed and the staff even want us to start our internship immediately but we reminded him that we haven’t brought all our requirements yet. Haha!

Congratulations to us! πŸ˜€

We will go back on Friday to pass the rest of the requirements and we will also start our internship.

BOC is pretty far from home actually. I had to wake up very, very early and leave the house as early as 5AM (seriously.good luck to me.) to avoid traffic.

We will have our internship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8AM until 5PM. We also need to complete the required amount of hours which is 200 hours in 2-3 months.

I’m excited already to meet my co-workers and supervisor. Thanks to the Human Resource staff that he let me and Pearl in just one department.  😁

How’s your Wednesday? πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Internship

  1. Hi i am actually planning to have my ojt in BOC too. i have read that there is an exam, can you tell me what’s the exam all about? for me to have an idea and be prepared. Thank you. Hope you answer my question ☺

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