The Killing Moon (Cole and Dana Book 1)

Kindle edition.


Six months ago, werewolf tracker Dana Gray barely escaped from Cole Randall, the wolf serial killer who kept her in his basement torturing her. Toying with her. He almost killed her, but he couldn’t. He let her live.
Now, she finds herself obsessed with Cole. His voice haunts her, hypnotic and liquid, flowing through her, both horrifying and arousing. She can’t shut him up.
At her job, she struggles with a bewildering case in which rehabilitated werewolves are going astray and killing again. From his maximum security cell, Cole claims he has all the answers. But he’ll only talk to Dana.
Maybe Cole knows something. Maybe he doesn’t. Dana doesn’t know. She only knows she’s grateful for the excuse to go to him. And once she hears his voice again, she’ll do anything to see him, whether it helps the case or not.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like reading synopsis because for me they’re a spoiler already. As much as possible I want to have zero knowledge on what I’ll read. If you’re like me, sorry for still posting the synopsis. 😁✌

It’s my first time to read a novel from the author and also my first time to read a novel about werewolves. And, this one didn’t disappoint me. ❤
I actually almost gave up reading this book because I find the first two chapters boring. 😜 Good thing I kept on insisting myself to keep on reading because this book turned out to be such a good read. I loved it! 🙂

*I seriously do not know how to make a book review.  Haha! But I’m working on that. I’m reading some articles in the internet giving tips on how to make one. 😀


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