My 5 Favorite Bloggers


I’ve been hooked to reading blogs since just last year and over a year, the following had been my favorite and had inspired me in so many ways; one of which is to make my own blog.

1. Vern and Verniece Enciso of


Photo link
They just recently launched their first book and that’s how the cover looks like. They’re sisters and are fashion and lifestyle bloggers. At first I thought they’re twin because they call each other “twin” sometimes (or are they actually twin? 😱 oops!), and before, I can’t tell who’s who. I love their articles about fashion, travel and their personal experiences in life. I also love how they dress. Their wardrobe is just too adorable. ❀

2. Kryz Uy of


Photo link
I love how this girl blog and IΒ  love that she replies to everyone that comments. She makes her readers feel special and appreciated. I love her pictures, too! I wish I’ll meet her on December 7th. I also love her fashion sense.

3. Camille Co of


I can’t seem to download a picture from her own blog, so I looked at the other blogger’s blog. Photo link
As what she wrote on her About Me page..

Camille is always a fashion
designer, sometimes a model,
occasionally a stylist and as of
April 2011, officially a blogger.
Take a peek into her world and
witness her love affair with
fashion and a few other loves in

You, guys, will seriously love her, too!

4. Ana Gonzales of


Photo link
One of the founders of Bloggers United! I met her during the Bloggers United 7 and she was so nice!

5. Tricia Gosingtian of


Photo link
From her About Me page..

Tricia Gosingtian documents her personal style, lifestyle, travels and photography in this small space she considers a personal diary. She hopes to give you places to go to when you have to stay where you are.

I met her two times already; when she had her book signing event and when she had her talk at the Belle de Jour 2014 fair.

I’m looking forward to Bloggers United 8 this December 7th!! 😍❀

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