Giving my mobile phone case a makeover

Christmas is getting near! So, I decided why not give my mobile phone case a makeover too that suits Christmas. And for that matter I chose gold glitters.

Things I used. Glue, colorless nail polish (not in the picture), glitters, hair spray and my phone case.

I originally bought my phone’s case in pink. Out of boredom, though, I drew heart shapes on it. πŸ˜€ I liked the idea at first. But the black ink smudges and gave my case a dirty/messy look.
Here’s what I did:
● I spread the glue thinly all over the back of the case and sprinkled the glitters evenly.


● I then waited (not too long) to let it dry and sprayed the hair spray on it to keep them intact. Don’t spray too close! The pressure might smudge the glitters.


● I let it dry again for about 10-15 minutes. Lastly,Β  I coated it with a colorless nail polish so that the glitters won’t fall off since I’ll be using this case everyday. Waited again for the polish to dry.

Ta-dah! Hahah! πŸ˜€


22 thoughts on “Giving my mobile phone case a makeover

  1. Love this! Merry idea ☺ Many thanks for following my blog, I’m delighted. Look fwd to reading more of your posts – be well, jules


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