February 2014 happenings

For the continuation of sharing my 2014 memories… read the first part here (January 2014 happenings).

8th of February. I’m a 100% fangirl when it comes to Island Media Asia boys. Hihi. 😜 It was a Saturday when IMA had a mall show at SM Baliwag. Of course, we were there to support them.
The highlights of the day for me are:
A. At the bus going to SM Baliwag. We, the fans, rode the bus going to the mall with IMA! (I’m smiling like an idiot while writing this. I can still remember how kilig (it’s like getting butterflies in your stomach. Lol) I got. Haha!) I think it was a 1 and a half hour ride and to keep us entertained, they made jokes, had a question & answer and had photo op!

Image from: Island Media Asia's Facebook

B. Matthew gave me a Sprinto sunglasses, saying that it’s his way of thanking me for taking the effort of making a scrapbook for IMA. Sprinto is one of the brands they’re promoting.

He's tall! So he bent his knees to match my height. :p

C. I’ve actually met the other members of IMA before at two of their mall tours except Matthew and Brian. So, when I met Brian and I hugged him, he said “Hey Glaiza! Nice to meet you!:)” ❤❤ I was like “OMG! HE KNEW ME!!!😍😍”
D. (This is still about Brian. Hihi!) So, when they’re already at the stage, they wanted to play Paper Dance with their fans and I was partnered with Brian. Their partners (the fans) are asked to introduce their selves first to the audience before the game started. When it was my turn, Brian did the introduction for me! He said my name to the audience and said that he knows me because I’m one of their long-time and avid supporters. I was in cloud nine! Haha! 😍

Image from: Island Media Asia's Facebook

Here’s a video of the Paper Dance game.. Thanks to Jaime! 😉

15th of February. Another unforgettable day with IMA!! :D✌ (I can’t stop smiling as I’m writing here. 😁😁) They had another mall show at Gateway and I brought my sister and her two students (whom I’m friends ❤). Before they went on stage, I spotted Brian and called him. He was so nice to come and gave me a hug! See? We’re just like close friends. Haha! There was another game where I partnered with Brian, we got lost but at least I had fun. Hihi. 😀

I still treasured this photo even though it's blurred. 😀
With Ma'am Angela ~ their TV segment producer. 🙂

19th of February. After days of my professor not talking to me, we’re finally okay again. 🙂 I said sorry and he said that he expects so much from me that he got disappointed when I did not do my report. In the end of the semester he still gave me a 1.25 grade.

21th of February. Through Facebook I found out that my ex-boyfriend will be married to his ex-girlfriend. When I first found out about it, I was in mixed emotion; sad, jealous, hurt, happy that he moved on and etc i don’t know. 😀 As of know, I’m fine with it and I haven’t seen him again since then.
I wanted to include March 2014 here but this is already a long post so I’ll put March on to my next post instead. 🙂 Have a great day!! Thank you for reading.  🙂


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