SNS usage hiatus

Yesterday I felt the need to log out my accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already and promised myself not to log in for some time. Online hiatus. I guess this is a good way to make as my New Year’s resolution: to tone down my Social Networking Sites usage.

I can’t seem to control myself anymore from checking my notifications every minute especially on my Instagram. Yeah, I think I was getting addicted already with the SNS that I had to do something before it gets worse.
With the SNS, my daily chores are affected. I’m getting lazy. I’ve become a procrastinator when it comes to my school works that will be due next year or to review for exams. And that’s not a good thing, I know.

I don’t know if until when I’ll be out of SNS. Maybe until an emergency arises (and what emergency would that be? I don’t know. As if there is anyway.) I only kept my WordPress account, Kik account since it’s not everyday that I get to talk with my friend anyway, and SnapChat because I don’t find it addictive.

I know it’s easy as counting 1-2-3 to log in again since I did not uninstall the applications but I’m very willing to keep my promise for some time. 😁

Good luck to me! 😜


28 thoughts on “SNS usage hiatus

  1. All forms of social media can become addictive and almost take over your life, if you let them. Best to step back once in a while and allow yourself time for other things. You can pick up on FB and so on later.
    I love your beautiful picture, by the way.


  2. Good luck! I love taking a good break from social media now and again. It’s like taking a really deep breath of fresh air.


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