5 things I look forward to now that holiday’s over

And holiday’s over! Huhu! It’s back to school and internship again starting tomorrow. If I’ll have it my way, I want to extend my vacation for one more week. But knowing myself, after a week of extension, I’ll ask for another and another week again. Haha! ✌ With all the presentations and exams to take.. Ugh!

To cheer myself up or to motivate myself not to get lazy to wake up early tomorrow, I made this list:

1. I’ll get to meet my friends again. I haven’t met them over Christmas break and I miss them! I’m excited to share and listen to each other’s stories on how their Christmas and New Year’s celebration went.

Image from: hibiscusbloem.blogspot.com

2. I’ll be able to spend my day out of our house. Since Christmas Day I’ve only gotten out of our house twice! That was last 26th and 30th of December only and I would like to thank my sisters for dragging me to come with them. 😜 I was too lazy to go out and would only want to watch TV or check my social media and went on binge eating. It’s time once again to rekindle with sunlight and fresh air (jk. There’s no fresh air since I live in a city.😜)

3. Allowance. Oh, of course! Haha! My sister doesn’t give me money if I don’t go to school.

4. The thought of graduating college. As much as I hate taking exams and do the reports, I want to graduate already. So to graduate, I need to take those to have grades. Sometimes, I may sound that I’m not taking college seriously because I’m always lazy and I’d always rant about it, but believe me when I say that I care about my grade and the knowledge I gain. Haha! When I was in 3rd year I remembered crying in front of my professor for giving me a 3.0 (that’s a C) when my other grades where in line of 1. I want to give my all so I won’t regret it in the future.

5. Looking forward to enjoy myself. This is already my last 3 months at school and I want to make some more memories! I know I’ll miss being at school (sans the making of feasibility study) someday so as long as I’m here, I’ll make the most of it.

Image from: poltz.com

29 thoughts on “5 things I look forward to now that holiday’s over

  1. Wow, only three more months until you graduate! That’s awesome. i know that end stretch can seem like the longest but soon it will be over, so yes, enjoy this moment in life as much as you can.


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