Eleven Days: An Unexpected Love by Lora Lindy


Let me just start this off by saying that this novel was beautifully written and I really liked it. ❤

I was notified through email that I can get this book for free on Amazon Kindle. I read the synopsis and I was not really interested at first but thank goodness I still downloaded it, though, it took me weeks to begin reading this.


It’s about Lana whom after her beloved cousin died had rented a beach house away from home to grieve and enjoy solitude. The beach house is owned by a US Marshall and the moment they met they were smitten with each other. Their love grows as each day passes until this stalker entered the scene. Fortunately, Mike, the federal agent, is there to protect her.



This novel will have a special place in my heart. I was emotionally attached to this. I was really saddened with the ending that it made me teary eyed and I worried about Mike if what will happen to him next as if this is based on a true story. Though this is fiction, it still had me thinking about other people who had lost a loved one and I know how painful it is. Especially if it’s like about the main characters here. They just known each other and were fell in love at first sight. Though knowing just each other for a short period of time, they were already sure that they’ll spend the rest of their lives with each other. They could have lived happily if only this #&$%*@ villain didn’t enter the scene!!! Ugh! (Oops! Remind me again that this novel is just a work of fiction.)


I’m really broken hearted with the ending and it made me want to read the next series because it’s in the second book where they would hunt the culprit. I’m really hoping there would be happy ending at least on its sequel.

The author wrote at the end of the book, ” … to be continued…. Thirty Days: The Hunt for Angelino Marquit –KEEP IN MIND, things may not be what they seem.” My goodness! I’m so intrigued! Hmm, why is it that I have a feeling that they’ll fail to capture Angelino, the culprit. 😦 because there’s still a third book Four Days: The Revenge.

With this I need to email the author and tell her how I enjoyed but left heartbroken with her novel and is looking forward to reading the next two series. 😀

Thank you for reading!  ❤❤


9 thoughts on “Eleven Days: An Unexpected Love by Lora Lindy

  1. Hi Gliaza,
    This is Lora Lindy, and I wanted to thank you for reading my novel. When I read your comments, I smiled from ear to ear. It’s readers like you that make us want to write.
    Those of you who have doubts about the last two books, I urge you to read the reviews. As Gliaza pointed out, things are not what they seem. It’s a hate-love-love relationship – the reader hates me at the end of the first book, loves me at the beginning of the second book, and LOVES the ending of the third book.
    If your blogger love a paranormal romantic mystery, THE OAK TREE LETTERS is for them. My next book VISIONS is a psychological thriller with romance.
    Also, any of you bloggers out there who would like an interview about upcoming books, just let me know. I’ll give you an exclusive scoop on some the characters, and where they’ll be going in future books. PLEASE keep blogging about my books. I’m just learning how to do all that, so I could sure use your help.
    Again, thank you fans for taking the time to read my books.
    Lora Lindy

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