Lately… Vol. 1

Philippines is still in a holiday because of Pope’s visit here. I’m not a Catholic but I respect how important this is to them and how they are determined to see the Pope: people were along the streets to get a glimpse of him when he passes by and some had camped out to where he would hold a mass (Quirino grandstand and at University of Santo Tomas). So many people even when it’s raining! The roads were closed for vehicles and cellular services were temporarily suspended because of government’s order.

As for me since Thursday, I spent the holiday just staying at home (it was only yesterday that I got to go out). Did some of my homework and studied for my report. Watched movies. Watched the live streaming of Pope’s caravan or mass. And ate since my sisters were also here and they’ve been cooking delicious food. 😜

Anyway, this Lately post is inspired by Kristelle of Though hers is titled Currently and she posts her entries during Mondays. Mine will be every Sundays. 🙂

This will be about how I’ve been doing in the previous days and up to this day. And I hope I could keep doing this every Sunday. Haha!

It has been a week since I started reading I Am The Lion by Andrew Toy on my Kindle app and I’m still 9% through it but I’m determined to finish it.

Listened to
My current favorite song is Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. 🎧🎶

Last Thursday, I wore my old school shirt.


I bought this 6 years ago and it still fits me. Haha! I miss Central Philippine University! 😍

I’m thinking of practicing this art doodling.


They’re beautiful! See more here.

Last Tuesday we had a quiz on Total Quality Management and then our Prof. would question us about our answers. He is the kind of teacher who would question you until you ran out of ideas/answers. I felt proud because I was able to answer or reason out to all his questions and given situations. :)👍

I’m loving the fact that it’s holiday here! 😀

I still need to finish some of the things in my To-Do list and that includes to wash my shoes. 😁

My sister will buy a plane ticket for summer (April) and I wish she’ll buy me, too. 🙏 she’s going to our hometown and I wanna coooooome!

That’s it! It was kind of uneventful week though. 😀 Have a great day!


I made a template ⇧ which I’ll be using to post quotes or any texts and I find it cute! 😄✌ I used pink and blue green since they’re the prominent colors of my blog. :)❤


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