March 2014 favorites

March 2014 is when we’re too excited for the school year to end. Especially to me and my classmates since it means we will already finish our 3rd year at university. It’s also when most of us are already planning for summer. Whether to head home to our provinces or stay here at Manila. (I did the latter.) 😄

And while we’re still at school and had to take our final exams, I still had some memorable memories and I’ll be sharing it with you. 🙂

8th of March. I was able to meet Tricia Gosingtian at her book signing!! She’s one of my favorite bloggers and I’m so happy I was able to meet her. ❤

Tricia Gosingtian and I
Yes, I will! 🙂

9th of March. Together with friends and my sister, we waited for Island Media Asia at the airport. They didn’t know we will be there so they were pretty surprised. I felt very happy that we were able to take photos and videos, and chatted with them without the other fans. We had them for ourselves! 😄✌

Island Media Asia

22nd of March. Together with my mother, sister, niece and nephew, we went to World Trade Center for FunFest 2014. It is Super 8’s grocery warehouse event. Super 8 is where my mom would always do the grocery because of their affordable prices and they even had low prices of grocery items because of the event. As for me, my sister, nephew and niece though we’re looking forward to the games, raffles and the actor’s / actresses’ appearance.  😜

Ezekiel, Iyah and their friend.
Nicole and Chris
Dennis Trillo

It was a busy (school-related) yet fun month! Love it! 😍❤

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! 🙂



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