Blue sky

The weather last Tuesday is perfect! Okay, it was hot outside but since I stayed in our classroom most of the time, I didn’t mind it at all.
When at our classroom, I always prefer to sit near the window. Besides the soft wind brushing on my face, I love the view! (Especially if it’s sunny.)

I’m so in love with the blue sky. Also, the clouds looks so fluffy!

Another sky picture last Tuesday and was taken at a different time than the first photo. I actually took a video of the sky, trying to document the clouds’ movement. Unfortunately, my video editor here in my phone won’t let me edit a video of more than 5 minutes. The plan was to video the sky for half an hour and edit it to fast forward so the clouds’ movement will be visible. 😦 I guess I’ll just edit it on laptop next time if I have time.

Edited this on Photofy app. Photofy is so cool! Do you have the app? If not yet, I recommend you to download it if you’re the type of a person who like putting texts on photos. πŸ˜€

And this is a photo of my view from the window when there are storm clouds.

This photo was taken one week ago and it looks kind of scary, right? 😁


19 thoughts on “Blue sky

  1. Love your pictures! I think I’m going to check out Photofy now. πŸ™‚ I use an app called Over every once in a while, which allows you to add text to your iPhone photos.

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