Lately — Vol. 2

It’s past 10:00pm and it’s time for me to sleep but I wouldn’t want to miss posting this blog post. It’s time for another Lately blog post which features how I’d been doing this week!

I haven’t read any novels this week or had even continued reading I Am the Lion. Boo! I know. But at least I had time reading my school books. 😜 haha!

Well, I wasn’t able to make any quote doodle that I said on my previous Lately post that I’ll try to do. Please blame my assignments. 😜 Boo! This is getting boring. Haha!

Listened to
I’ve been listening to a local radio station during spare time. My fave is Monster Radio RX 93.1



I wore this Not A Morning Person shirt today when we went to SM Megamall.

Most of the day this week, I felt sleepy and tired because of school. Staying at school and internship the whole day is so stressful. And I really hate having Saturday class. Weekends are supposed to be rest days.

To make up for the stressful days, I received two amazing comments on my blog! One is from Island Media Asia.


I was shocked when I received that tweet. I’m happy that whoever behind that account that day, made time to read my blog.
Another is from Lora Lindy!


Lora Lindy who is the author of Eleven Days: An Unexpected Love. 😍
I also love that I was able to claim the vouchers I won from Sm Megamall and SM Food Court.


Good night to you all! 🙂

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