Unintentional mistake

Whether big or small, unintentional mistakes are unbearable. In my case, I made a small unintentional mistake. But, it haunted me for days and I feel bad about it.

You see, I love replying to all the comments here in my blog. It makes me happy that you read my posts and make time to comment. Please know that I appreciate every comment you post and it motivates me to write more.

Last Thursday, I checked my Spam folder and saw two comments. I was able to mark the other one as not a spam but I unintentionally pressed the delete permanently to  the other comment.  😦 I tried to find ways to restore it but I failed. No email about that comment since it was in my Spam folder and I forgot his/her name the moment I unintentionally deleted it. I felt sad and angry at my self.

To the person who left the comment on my Mint post, I’m sorry. I appreciate that you liked my writing skill and you liked my WordPress theme. To answer your question, the theme I’m using is Flounder and, yes, it’s free. I only customized it to my favorite colors. πŸ™‚ if you’re reading this, please comment. ❀

That incident taught me to be extra careful next time. To feel better, I think of that mistake as a lesson and make sure not to commit to the same mistake again.

You may say that it’s just a little or petty mistake but seriously though, I felt better after writing this. πŸ™‚



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