Single Life: #KahitSingleAko

It’s that month of the year again where people could express their love to their significant others by doing stuff without being too cheesy because it’s February, it’s Valentine’s, and that’s totally understandable. And guys who would do extra effort to make his girlfriend or wife feel loved are totes adorable!
It’s a different story though, for us, single ladies (and boys). I checked Twitter today and found #KahitSingleAko (even I’m single) trending topic here in the Philippines. Browsing through it, I found some comforting replies to tell everyone that being single isn’t a bad thing after all.



And students, can we all please review for Midterm exams first? Haha. Good luck to us!

Wise 😜
Nice one, girl! ✋
I can relate! :p


You nailed it!
Yes, because happiness is a choice.



And can we not forget food, movies, books and wifi? Haha! Single life is still amazing with those four. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  ❤


9 thoughts on “Single Life: #KahitSingleAko

  1. I’ve been single for a very long time and to me, falling in love with ME has been the most important relationship, in addition to falling in love with/feeling the love from God/Spirit/Source…whatever name you give to that light and love energy.


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