Things I Do When I’m Stuck in Traffic

Traffic here in Manila is horrible. Especially during rush hours — the time when people go to school or work every morning or when it’s time to leave for home. Manila is even ranked as the 9th country with the worst traffic around the world. Read here. With the thousands of vehicles, traffic is everywhere here in Manila. I even doubt that there would be a solution to that. No choice but to make it a part of my daily routine — leave home early and while on traffic, do something worthwhile.

The following are the things I do when I’m stuck in traffic:
1. Read a book. I’m currently reading The Lovely Bones and most of the part of that novel is that I’ve read it on the road.


I love reading when I’m riding in the jeepney’s front seat, in that way, I won’t get bothered by the other passengers to hand their fares to the driver. ✌

Image from: the popular public transportation here in the Philippines

2. Listen to music. I love Spotify! When it’s about good music, Spotify can be the best app you’ll have. 🙂 I’m in love with Ed Sheeran’s music these days.


3. Sleep. I usually do this when I’m on my way home from internship and when I’m with Pearl, my co-intern. Sometimes, sleeping in public vehicles can be risky. You’ll never know that the one beside you might be a thief and while you’re in your sweetest dreams, his/her hand is already making its way on your belongings inside your bag.

4. Review for quiz or exam. This is actually somewhat useless if I haven’t reviewed the night before, because every time I do this, it’s only half of the things I read that I’ll still be able to remember. Still, I do it every time. 😁

5. Check my social network accounts. Yes, like always. 😜

6. Enjoy the view. As if there’s a good view. LOL! But, if I’m not doing a thing mentioned above, I would just look outside the window and contemplate things. 🙂

I wonder what you do when you’re stuck in traffic, too. Comment below. 🙂 I’d love to know and maybe I’d do that too, the next time I’ll get stuck in traffic.


16 thoughts on “Things I Do When I’m Stuck in Traffic

  1. Love those jeeps! I’m usually driving, so I just listen to music. If I’m absolutely stopped and have a book in the car I’ll read. If there are interesting things to look at I’ll just see what i can see. If I’m motivated, and remember, I’ll focus on meditative breathing.

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  2. Hi, just popping in to say that I think your blog is great and I’d like to congratulate you with the Liebster Award. Should you choose to accept this award there are more details back on my blog page. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to read more.

    Xx California Flour

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