Preparation for Civil Service Exam

My course doesn’t require any board examinations, so, to higher the chance of my eligibility to any company or much better to a government company, I decided to take the Civil Service Exam. The examination will be on May 3, 2015. To those (Filipinos) who haven’t filed their applications yet, you still have the chance to do so until March 12. For more information, you can visit Civil Service Commission.

I’m actually kind of excited and nervous for the upcoming exam. So, this is the feeling of taking an exam where my future lies. Haha!

MSA Civil Service Reviewer for Professional and Sub-Professional Levels

I bought a book/reviewer at National Book Store a week ago to familiarize myself with the type of exam. I have only studied English, Mathematics and Philippine Constitution yet, and I find the latter the hardest so far. There are also Inductive and Abstract Reasoning type of exam and I’m nervous about it. I’m not good at them. But, I’ll try my best to review since I still got two months before the exam.

For Philippine Constitution, good thing though, I have a book about it since we studied that when we were in second year college.

The book/reviewer also has the answer keys, solutions and explanations at the back. I review with a friend, in that way we can both share knowledge to each other.

If you don’t have the book, go to PhilPad and 1taker websites. I find these two of great help and they posts tips on how to pass the exam, too. 1taker also has a free online reviewer.

I believe we can pass this exam as long as we make time to review and familiarize ourselves with the types/categories of exam. And pray.

See you, guys, on May 3. We might be seat mates or is just in one room. πŸ˜€

18 thoughts on “Preparation for Civil Service Exam

  1. i have an exam also this comming october 18,,.,.,. which is much better self review,., reading any materials,., or review from others ,,it cost a lot of money,./?????????????? maam /sir?


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