End of School x Missing my Classmates Already


Classes for graduating students had ended (at least for my section) already last Tuesday. We had our last set of Final Exams and went home very happy that were finally done with brain-cracking exams.
We’re all still busy, though. We had our school’s foundation day celebration and career guidance seminar last Wednesday and Thursday. We’re also making sure to pass the requirements our school registrar is requiring us. Also, we’re now waiting for the official list of graduates (seriously hoping to see my name.haha) and then in the few days will be our pictorial for the year book and our toga measurements. Then on March 18 and 19, our local government will hold a job fair specially for us.

Operations Management Section 3

Weeks ago, we had our class picture taken. It’s so nice that we’re all in one photo! (Raw photos.)

Look up! Haha!

Those graduation caps and diplomas, though. 😂


Fun! Fun! Fun!
Good luck, classmates! Love you all! Memories with you will forever be treasured.  ❀


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