Links You Might Also Like | Vol. 01

I read blogs on a daily basis, whether here on my WordPress app or Bloglovin’. Sometimes, I would also search random keywords on Google and fortunately enough, Google directs me to amazing websites I haven’t known before.
And to show my appreciation for the writers and their work, I would like, comment or share it on Twitter. Another great way also is to blog about their blogs and I’ve seen a lot of these kind of posts everywhere. So I thought that I’d do it, too. 🙂

1. Girls’ Weekend in Northern California, Part Two…Napa! of You May Be Wandering. Reading her post about her travel to Napa made me want to go there, too, like pronto! (Or to any vineyard because I haven’t been there yet.) Through her pictures, I could really see how beautiful the place is and I could feel that she had a very good stay there. *sigh* places like that just makes my heart happy.

PHOTO You May Be Wandering

2. 3 Ways to Reuse Your Prom Bag by Vern. Here in the Philippines, proms were usually held during February because, well…Valentine’s day and usually, only junior and senior high school students have that event. And when prom’s over, those sparkly bags are of no use anymore, too. Vern’s blog about it is a life bag money saver! 😀

PHOTO vernverniece

3. Days Of The Year.

The ultimate guide to worldwide events, festivals, funny, weird, and wonderful holidays.

Omigosh! This website is my new found love! Haha! Browsing the website, I found holidays that are truly weird and funny, and wonderful. For instance, today — Sunday, March 8th — holidays are Check Your Batteries Day, Women’s Day, Proofreading Day and Peanut Cluster Day. 😀 So cool!

4. 10 Times YA Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations of the Guys in Our Lives of Yeah, I’m guilty for setting (SOMETIMES!!) my expectations about guys based on what I read on novels and watched on romantic movies. And #9 is funny, though. 😜😜

PHOTO Post45

5. Summer 2015: 30 Magical Sunsets in the Philippines of Backpacking Pilipinas. *sigh* sunsets!! Seeing sunsets always makes my day complete. Seeing pictures of sunsets in this blog taken at the different places here in the Philippines is such a nice feeling. It makes me proud too that the Philippines offers such scenery. 

PHOTO Backpacking Pilipinas

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading!  Xoxo


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