Strangers to Friends


Yesterday was my last day at Bureau of Customs as a student trainee. How time flies so fast when you’re having fun! I felt like it was just last week when I first took the entrance exam and the interview. Oh well!
On the picture were my co-interns who became my friends eventually. Though they finished their training before me, we all still get in touch through our social networking sites and I miss them so much!
Yesterday, I was the ONLY (out of 14) trainee left (at least at the Administrative Division) and it was so boring! I missed our talks and jokes. I ate alone. I did the tasks alone. *sigh*
Thanks to BoC that even though we all came from different universities, we all met up and had a bond. Of course, thank you also to our Chief, supervisors and mentors! ‘Til we meet again. ❤


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