Yearbook Pictorial

Yesterday, I had my pictures wearing toga and a formal attire taken. I was alone since my classmates done it the other day. It was fine though, that way I didn’t had to wait for my turn to have my make up done. Haha! Below are the raw photos of mine sent by the photographer to me.

Fine Light Photography
Fine Light Photography

Hello chubby cheeks!  Haha.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 😘


25 thoughts on “Yearbook Pictorial

  1. That’s fabulous. YOU’RE fabulous! I had my senior pictures done two weeks after they were scheduled; so, like you, I was the only one being photographed. I convinced the photographer to take fake “glamour shots” (yes, I’m *that* old) and we horsed around taking goofy “WalMart Ad” poses and the like. OMG, it was a blast! Got some great shots too. I wish I still had them. Thank you for taking me down memory lane. It was a fun ride, Girlfriend! ❤

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