Online Friends I’ve Never Met in Real Life, But Hope to Soon

image Making friends online is something I really love. It makes me happy that when I log in, there’s someone that I particularly know even if I haven’t met him/her before. I’m online every day, so to meet friends there, as time goes by, is inevitable. Below are just some of the people whom I consider as my friend that I wish I’ll have the chance to meet in person.

1. Kristina H. — we’re friends on Facebook.  She’s American and has a Filipino husband. It all started when I bought a book last 2010 and I found  many teenagers’ name on the first few pages of the giving reviews of the said book. I was 19 then and was bored (haha!) that I tried searching all the name on Facebook (I only have Facebook back then.) and her name was one of the few names I found successfully (or that they have a Facebook account on the same name they had on the book.) She accepted my friend request and we had a small talk, getting to know each other. She just had given birth to her first child this March.

2. Patrick C. — this Filipino guy would always tap the heart button on my Instagram photos. Haha! It jist went like that for a few weeks until I decided to engage in a conversation with him.

3. Alexandre P. — we used to have Blackberry phones and we first talked on BBM. He’s from Belgium. Almost 3 years later or 4 (?) we would still chat on Twitter and Kik and I learnt a lot from him about himself, his country, their weather, etc. It was only last December though that we thought to send cards to each other. I sent him a card and he successfully received it (it was my first time to send a card!!)

4. Kathelyn S. and Ayessa — these two Filipino ladies whom I met through Twitter is very dear to me. We’re actually four who would talk on Twitter always but our other girl friend died unexpectedly. 😦 It was just one day when we noticed that Mae (not her real name. I forgot her real name) haven’t logged in on Twitter a few days or weeks already. Kathelyn who’s friends with Mae on Facebook saw on Mae’s account that she passed away already. It was last 2011/2012 I guess. We were morose of what happened to her and prayed that the suspect will be caught. As of now, I don’t have any idea what happened to the case. Mae’s place is far from Manila that we can’t visit her. Anyway, Ayessa is working as a nurse in Riyahd now.

5. Bryan A. — we both joined in a contest hosted by @ohteenquotes on Twitter, though we both lost. Haha! But, see? I gained a friend! 🙂 he used to work at one of the restaurant at the mall that is near my place but we never had the chance to meet.

6. Loida B. — I think it was last 2009 when I first talked to her. It started on Uzzap, a chat application that’s popular here in the Philippines during that year. She’s one pretty lady.

7. Nicole D. — a Filipino but is living in Canada. She’s also a fan of Island Media Asia (a group of 7 men who are half Filipinos and is making videos about Filipino cultures on YouTube) and we first met through Twitter last 2013. She came here in the Philippines last year but I never had the chance to go to the swimming party she organized. 😦 see you next time, Nicole!

8. Renalyn B. — my dear friend on Facebook started last 2010. A Filipino but is living in Arizona with her family. We used to talk a lot until late night on Facebook but as times goes by, we grew apart. She then deactivated her account. It was only last month when she followed me on Instagram and when I saw her name, I was nostalgic. All the memories (more like chat conversations. Haha) flooded in my mind.

9. Jina – also a fan of Island Media Asia. We met through Facebook and talked about IMA and how she would love to meet IMA too someday. She’s Filipino but is living in Australia.

10. WordPress people — of course! Ever since I made an account here, I gained people whom I could consider my friend. WordPress has such a friendly community! Thank you all! 🙂 I really hope I could get to meet you all!

❤ ❤, Glaiza 👯 image


17 thoughts on “Online Friends I’ve Never Met in Real Life, But Hope to Soon

  1. These online friendships are so different. You are growing up with things being this way. In my youth, some of us had penpals, people we’d never met, whom we’d write and receive snail mail letters from but this online thing is quite different. It’s wonderful when online connections truly become friends!


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