One Deduction

One Direction, the best selling pop boy band. This group of guys jas a big impact in the music industry, and in their fans known as Directioners. They are known to have a member of 5 guys that even though they auditioned at X Factor individually, they were grouped into one.
Though you can’t call me one of their huge fans, I love their catchy and sometimes groovy songs!
This morning though, I felt sad about the news that Zayn Malik quitted the band. Fans all over the world got broken-hearted about it. With the hashtags trending in Twitter, it’s not that Zayn is dead, but of course the fans are really sad about it. (Even cried, as what they posted on Twitter.)

Screenshot of Twitter trending topics.

Last weekend, One Direction had a two-night concert here in Manila where thousands of fans gathered to witness the event. Zayn Malik wasn’t able to join the band because of stress and rumors also spread about the cheating allegations.
With four members left of the band, let’s just hope that they’ll still have the best songs ever to produce. And to Zayn, best of luck! 🙂


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