An Open Letter to my Cousin

Dear Inday Christine,

You’re an incredible woman. You’re doing your best in everything you do. You graduated with flying colors from elementary until college. You work and study while taking care of your husband and two kids. How amazing is that? You have parents and siblings that supported you in your journey. My niece and nephew misses you so much, and please know that you’re welcome at our house when you come back here in Manila again.

We all may have expected so much from you, including your friends, classmates and professors but please know that we’re here to comfort and pray for you. To encourage you more to reach your dreams.

I hope you cried all your heart out already yesterday. I hope that you found comfort from your friends, family and our other relatives there. I hope your faith in God didn’t fade. I hope you wouldn’t find yourself a failure after what happened because you’ve already proven to us and to yourself how strong and determined you are.

Now, please smile and have the courage to face the day. I know you know that there’s a reason for everything. Keep on praying that Jesus will guide you and give you strength. This is just a challenge and accept this challenge with stronger faith. Do your best-est effort on the next Bar Exam, don’t lose hope.

I may not say the best words to say to encourage you or give advice but please know that you’re loved. You will always be the attorney of the clan. God bless you!


Glaiza 👩

Congratulations to all the topnochers and passers of the Bar Exam.


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