My Summer Checklist 2015

Summer Checklist 2015

It’s not even officially summer yet here in the Philippines. Though the hot and dry icky feeling can already be felt! With that, I made a checklist that I hope I could do this summer to help me discover new things along the way and also to guide mebto have a well spent summer.

1. Go swimming at a pool or at the beach.
2. Go somewhere outside Metro Manila.
3. Finish reading a book. (aside from the book I’m currently reading because I started it last February.😄)
4. Do DIY.
5. Go ice skating at SM Mall of Asia.
6. Make a strawberry smoothie. Or any fruit.
7. Blow bubbles with my niece.
8. Make homemade pizzas.
9. Watch fireworks.
10. Lunch or dinner out with the family.

It’s not that much, very simple, so, I hope I could do all of them before June. How about you? What’s on your whatever-the-season-is-at-your-place checklist? 😀


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