April 2015 Birthday Wish List


Hello guys! And to all the April babies!! 😁 I’ll be turning another year old on April 30th and so, I made a birthday wish list. This is my first time to do this! And I wish that my family and friends will give me one or two on what’s in the list after they read this. Haha! But of course, I’ll be fine with birthday greetings. 🙂 I’m not that hard to please, you know.

1. Watercolor and brush set + cold pressed watercolor paper / sketch pad. I’m obsessed with watching hand lettering and paintings on YouTube these days. I made three hand lettering of quotes already but they’re still uncolored. 🙂 I think I mentioned last January or February that I always wanted to do that but since I was busy with school, it’s only now that I had the chance to work on it.

PHOTOS jerrysartarama.com • dickblick.com • dickblick.com

2. Brush pen. I’d love to try using these pens! There tips are amazing! You can write from fine to broad lines (by pressing it hard onto the paper) with a single brush stroke. I saw on YouTube how they’re used and it really amazed me. ❤

PHOTO seanwes.com

3. Blazer. Just because I love them and I love pastel.

PHOTO pinterest.com

4. Bag. Because I don’t have this kind of bag. Haha! And it’s cute!!

PHOTO symsyd.com

5. Books. Of course!! I always love receiving good books to read. 👍 Especially YA contemporary novels. Some of the books in this picture might  not have published yet but I’d love to receive them even after my birthday. Haha!

PHOTO staybookish.net (one of my favorite book blog site)

6. Bows. I love using bows. They’re cute!! And since I’d always tie my hair up these days because it’s too hot, bows like this will surely be overused. 😀

PHOTO citrinesalonnc.com

7. Notebook. These notebooks are super cute! I love there floral cover! Seeing these notebooks would surely make me inspired to write always. 💟

PHOTO etsy.com

8. Bouquet of tulips. THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.


9. Scented candles. They’re cute and I always love smelling good smells (who doesn’t anyway).

PHOTO scentedcandle.ipower.com

That’s all. 🙂 I wanted to add a handful of cherry blossoms flower or have a picture with them but we don’t have that here in the Philippines. Haha!

I don’t really expect to receive them all but it’s just nice to write this seeing the things that I love in one post, if that makes sense. Haha! 


22 thoughts on “April 2015 Birthday Wish List

  1. Luv your list! The blazer is fab!! Happy Birthday in advance and hope you get all you want:) Thanks for visiting Homeflair.


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