The Happy List | Vol. 03

Hello July! πŸ™‚ here’s another list of everything that made me happy for the past two weeks:

1. Bon Chon’s spicy fish and chips
2. My sister cooked beef with mushrooms
3. My family for their concern
4. Civil service passer for professional level
5. Roses from Andy as congratulations gift 🌹
6. Made friends at my previous work
7. @wheninmanila liked my photo on IG
8. Sundate with family
9. Chat with Alina
10. My previous workmates said I look younger than my age. I get happy even in the most trivial things. 😜
11. Alina said I love you
12. Rice + vegetables + fried fish combo. Haha
13. Sauteed garlic and onion. Love the smell
14. Scallops for dinner
15. Ilonggo style dinuguan
16. Ilonggo styleΒ Bamboo Shoot in Coconut Milk
17. Lychee
18. Went out with Marnie.
19. Poems Andy is making for me. How sweet is that. ❀
20. My sister’s birthday today.👭
21. Beautiful photos of flowers I took. 😍
22. Wafer sticks

The Happy List | Vol. 03

Have a great day! Stay happy. πŸ˜‰


Social Media Day | June 30th

Social Media DayΒ was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010, and often sees fans of the site going to real life meetups.

Read more here.

Social Media

I have been using social media since I was in junior high school and I was only 14 years old that time. I started with using Friendster. If only Friendster didn’t delete the photos of their members, I could have shared a lot of throwback pictures every Thursday! Haha. All my memories in high school were there since I only started using Facebook last 2008, months after my high school graduation.
Then Twitter came, I was pretty obsessed using that one before that I reached 28.6K tweets. Talkative much. Haha! It’s where I could post or tweet a hundred times in one day without getting people annoyed at me (or they just kept quiet about it) unlike in Facebook. It’s where I poured out all my opinions and just anything that I wanted to share in 140 characters. A lot of pretty cool tweets their too that I kept on retweeting. And where I keep up with my favorite people in entertainment industry and authors and get giddy when they notice my tweet. 😜
Then Instagram came. How I love IG since it’s where I could share photos I took and I love seeing beautiful pictures.
I still have other social medias but these three, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are just my top favorite.

I’m sure I’m using social media in a good way. I also make sure that what I share in my accounts doesn’t affect other people in a bad way like cyber bullying. I believe social media requires great understanding and responsibility and I live by in the GMA Network’s campaign “Think Before You Click.”

Classic Map

Went to the nearest mall to meet Marnie today and I didn’t know she had another plan. She wanted to go to Jackman Plaza in Quezon City to attend an event. Problem is she doesn’t know where the place exactly is.
She knew I’m so fond of using my Google Map but we can’t connect to the mall’s Wi-Fi earlier. Google Map was of no use. She kept on texting her other friends about the location but they, too, do not know. She was so worried (but is still laughing. Lol) because she really wanted to attend this event and she want me to accompany her.
And *:idea:* I got an idea! I dragged her inside the bookstore and showed her the maps! Haha!


It was a huge map of Metro Manila. And Quezon City is a huge city too! We only had three hints or clues about the whereabouts of this Jackman Plaza. A.) It’s in Quezon City, B.) It’s in Roosevelt and C.) is surrounded by streets named after some of Philippines provinces like Abra and Ilocos Sur.
I think we spent searching the place for 10-15 minutes until we finally found it.


And off we went to Jackman Plaza. It took us 2 hours to get there via bus. Whew! I even fell asleep inside the bus.
It was all worth it though seeing Marnie so giddy and happy on the event. πŸ™‚
I think I did a good job as a friend today. Haha! ❀

She's just excited. Sorry. Haha!

Bamboo Shoots in Coconut Milk

Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts, have you eaten them before? Back in Iloilo, where my hometown is, we have a lot. We could just simply go to our backyard where we have bamboo plants and look for sprouts. Peel, slice and cook!
A lot of cafeteria or restaurants here in Manila cook this meal but they can’t come close (for me😜) to how delicious Ilonggo (native inhabitants of Iloilo) cook this. Ilonggo style food will just be my forever favorite. πŸ˜€


Last night, mom cooked this. I’m so giddy and excited, I ate a lot. It had been years since the last time I ate this. It was so good! So delicious! Plus, I love meals with coconut milk. ❀
I haven’t watched my mom cook this last night, so I just searched on Google for an Ilonggo style recipe and I found THIS. Give it a try. πŸ˜‰ Have fun cooking!

3 Wishes For My Niece and Nephew

Ezekiel and Iyah are growing up so fast, like where did the time go? I could still remember the first time I hold them like it was yesterday. It felt surreal that I’m holding a baby that I could call my own nephew and niece. And I’m glad they are growing up healthy and happy.


If I’d make a looong list, these would be the first three…

3 wishes for them…
1. That they will understand what their happiness is and that they’d do more of that. I want them to live a happy life…less regret.

2. That they will love themselves first and never put limitations on who they are going to be and what can be. Also, that they’d understand that they won’t get whatever they want in an instant. That they’d take little steps and be patient and that they’ll reach their dreams.

3. That they’ll find someone to love and love them in return. But will also be strong enough to walk away from someone who is unworthy. Also, they’ll build a family where they could also instill the love and good values we taught them.

And this would be the last one on the long list…

100. That they will always remember how hard I tried to be a good aunt. That I was by their side since they were a baby. ❀

Ezekiel and Iyah, I love you both! 😘


After four days of working in this company, I decided to resign. I figured it’s not the job I want. I like some of myΒ  workmates, I loved that I was able to build friendship with them in a short time but I’m not happy anymore in that office.
I know I’ll resign eventually when I get my civil service certificate but I didn’t know I’ll do this sooner.
Anyway, I’m glad I resigned. I’m glad my mother is fine with my decision. I’m free from the job I don’t like. πŸ™‚