Love — Hate TAG


● Skype and video calls with Andy. ❤
● Dress ~ little black, little white, fit & flare, floral, colorful printed 😍
● talented and inspiring people
● blogs and friendly bloggers
● my phone 😀
● my niece and nephew being so sweet
● white sand beaches
● dramatic sunsets
● cool breeze
● greenery

● dysmenorrhea
● flying cockroaches
● when my sisters still treat me as a kid
● blurred and grainy photos on Instagram
● niece and nephew’s tantrums  😀
● unreasonable teachers
● arriving at my destination and realizing I forgot something. Ugh!
● game invitations on Facebook
● unrequited love
● people who think illegal drugs are awesome

I was tagged by My Daily Dose of Life to do this and if ever you’re reading this post, consider yourself tagged. 😉


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