Today, I’ll share with you a poem made by my friend, Jo. 🙂



would it not be easy
to be born on a golden bed?
wherein all you crave for
are given without being said?

isn’t it nice
to have people looking up on you?
treat you their boss, their highness–
wishing they were in your shoe.

won’t it be amazing
to be on top?
the best, the most, the greatest–
oh, you deserve more than just a clap.

but isn’t it frustrating
that no one really cares for you?
despite all the fame and glory
you’re always alone; have no one to run to.

could you not admit
this one ‘lil failure of yours,
and stop hiding the truth
that you’re living with your self-made curse?

pretentious, are you not
with that deceiving mask?
keep saying you’re fine
but in reality’s not answering what’s asked.

don’t you have plans
of ending up this long lived drama?
get out of that sealed curtains
and display a new panorama?

are you really afraid
for your lies to be revealed?
that what we really see’s not you?
don’t be—
we’re two in this field.

What are your thoughts? 🙂

Thank you Johanna for letting me share your poem here in my blog. You how I admire your talent in writing essays, poems and sketches since high school, right? ^____^


8 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Hi Glaiza, thanks for following me. I don’t usually check out new followers but when I see a fellow Cebuana, I do get curious. This poem is very powerful; your friend Joanna has really captured it nicely. Have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

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