Top Ten Tuesday: School Moments


Summer vacation has ended and students are back to school again. In my case, everyday I wake up I’m thankful that I’m finally done with school. Haha! *happy sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I loved school, I met a lot of friends there and cool teachers, learnt things and it had been a part of my life. πŸ™‚

Today, I’ll share ten school moments I had in school where I believe other people could relate too. Haha!

1. Students possess that eagle’s eye, giraffe’s neck and elephant’s ears during quizzes or exams. There’s also that saying β€œStudents that cheat together, graduate together.” πŸ˜€

2. Waiting to see your school’s name in the list of schools that suspended classes because of storm. Hashtag walang pasok. Haha!

3. When your classmates nominate you to be one of the class officers. It’s actually pretty cool that they think you’re responsible enough. Haha!

4. You are the class’ go-to person when they need paper. And ballpens. And face powder. And perfume. And hair ties. 😄

5. Not making eye contact to the teacher when he or she asks a question because you do not know the answer. 😄

6. Your teachers’ seating plans based on surnames are always a bad idea especially when your bestfriend’s surname starts with A and yours starts with Z.

7. Getting excited for the FIRST DAY and LAST DAY of school. 😄

8. Chose a class that starts at 12 noon because you, I mean ME, are not a morning person. 😄

9. Did your best-est ninja moves not to get late in class and when you arrived at school…your teacher is absent. Ugh! Haha!

10. I.D card β€” your alternative ruler in drawing a line. 😄

Do you have anything to add? Comment below! πŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: School Moments

  1. 1. There were Giraffe necks but um I just got a call from Kenya, They’d like their elephant back please?

    7. Oh come on who can’t relate to this?? For some reason I was always the first one to realize AS i’m standing outside that there are still 5 hours to go >:-\

    9. I snuck into science class late once, Tried to go onto my desk only to realize I had my social studies textbook and binder, didn’t go too well when I had to recite a chapter #facepalm

    10, I somehow misplaced my ID card in the process, I think it’s still stuck under a locker from my high school days.

    Yep, Yay school!


  2. I always enjoyed meeting new people in the classes. Grade school and much of high school i wasn’t fond of, but I did always enjoy meeting new people. Gratefully, bullying seems to be much less in college.


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