Civil Service May 2015 passer

It had been a happy crazy week!

Last Tuesday, the second interview that I had been waiting for from the bank I applied to finally happened. Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck. There’s a plot twist though. 😄 I applied for the position of Client Service Associate but I didn’t know they scheduled me for an interview with the senior manager for the position of Executive Secretary! I’m so honored actually that they thought I might qualify for that position. Long story short, I didn’t get the job. I went home and cried to my mom because of the rejection I experienced. Mom and sisters were so sweet to comfort me, though. ❤ So, I’m currently waiting for another call for an interview for the CSA position. BUT! I don’t mind anymore if they’ll not call me back because something awesome happened. 😉

One of the things that I prayed since last month was granted! My goodness! I couldn’t be happier that I passed an exam. 🙂 Not just any exam but an exam where my future career lies. I PASSED THE CIVIL SERVICE EXAM – PROFESSIONAL LEVEL!!! AAAAH! THANK YOU, LORD! ❤ and thank you also to everyone who wished me good luck after I posted my post-exam blog post last month.. Heh! 😉

Civil Service 2015

Thank you to all who congratulated me on my Facebook post and to everyone who messaged me. This means so much to me. ^___^

Now, I’m looking forward to work at any government agencies here in the Philippines. 😍 But while waiting for the release date of the certificates and my transcript from school, I’m currently working at a private confidential company. 🙂

A dozen of roses. 🌹

As a congratulations gift, he sent me this bouquet. ❤ Thank you! ^____^

I hope you all had a great week, too! Hello, weekend! 😉


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