I miss you, Papa!

Crinum Lily

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! 🙂

My father passed away nine years ago already but there were memories I still remember about him and some of them are:
1. He would always bake cakes for our birthday and Christmas party at school.
2. He brought home our first ever dog pet at home and we named him Bambi. Bambi lived with us for 8 years. *remembering Bambi makes me sad :'(*
3. During my Kinder graduation, he should be the one to go up the stage with me but he was too happy that he cried so my Mama did it instead.
4. He once baked 12 layers of cake for a wedding.
5. He would always defend me from my mother when she’s mad at me.
6. Seeing him on his hospital bed, trying to talk to us but we couldn’t understand a thing and we saw a tear escaped his eye.

I can’t continue this 😦 this is too sad. I miss you Papa sooooo much. 😥 thanks for the happy memories.


19 thoughts on “I miss you, Papa!

  1. It’s very sad for you to have lost your father when you were so young. He sounds like a wonderful and caring man. Your memories of him are all happy ones, which I’m sure you will treasure for ever.


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