3 Wishes For My Niece and Nephew

Ezekiel and Iyah are growing up so fast, like where did the time go? I could still remember the first time I hold them like it was yesterday. It felt surreal that I’m holding a baby that I could call my own nephew and niece. And I’m glad they are growing up healthy and happy.


If I’d make a looong list, these would be the first three…

3 wishes for them…
1. That they will understand what their happiness is and that they’d do more of that. I want them to live a happy life…less regret.

2. That they will love themselves first and never put limitations on who they are going to be and what can be. Also, that they’d understand that they won’t get whatever they want in an instant. That they’d take little steps and be patient and that they’ll reach their dreams.

3. That they’ll find someone to love and love them in return. But will also be strong enough to walk away from someone who is unworthy. Also, they’ll build a family where they could also instill the love and good values we taught them.

And this would be the last one on the long list…

100. That they will always remember how hard I tried to be a good aunt. That I was by their side since they were a baby. ❀

Ezekiel and Iyah, I love you both! 😘

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