Social Media Day | June 30th

Social Media Dayย was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010, and often sees fans of the site going to real life meetups.

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Social Media

I have been using social media since I was in junior high school and I was only 14 years old that time. I started with using Friendster. If only Friendster didn’t delete the photos of their members, I could have shared a lot of throwback pictures every Thursday! Haha. All my memories in high school were there since I only started using Facebook last 2008, months after my high school graduation.
Then Twitter came, I was pretty obsessed using that one before that I reached 28.6K tweets. Talkative much. Haha! It’s where I could post or tweet a hundred times in one day without getting people annoyed at me (or they just kept quiet about it) unlike in Facebook. It’s where I poured out all my opinions and just anything that I wanted to share in 140 characters. A lot of pretty cool tweets their too that I kept on retweeting. And where I keep up with my favorite people in entertainment industry and authors and get giddy when they notice my tweet. 😜
Then Instagram came. How I love IG since it’s where I could share photos I took and I love seeing beautiful pictures.
I still have other social medias but these three, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are just my top favorite.

I’m sure I’m using social media in a good way. I also make sure that what I share in my accounts doesn’t affect other people in a bad way like cyber bullying. I believe social media requires great understanding and responsibility and I live by in the GMA Network’s campaign “Think Before You Click.”


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