Links I Love | Vol. 05


1. 13 Things I Want To Thank The First Partner Who Walked Out On Me For

2. This teen runs the fastest…but her coach always needs to catch her at the finish line — very inspiring ❤

3. My Horrific Post-Facial Experience. You Need To Read This — I came across this post when I searched on how to take care of my face after a facial treatment last Wednesday and I’m including this post here not because I’m happy of what happened to her face but for us to be conscious about the skin clinic we go to and the medicines or cream they’re using to our face.

4. This Girl Removes Her Makeup To Reveal The Internet’s Harsh Beauty Standards — You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.

5. On Self-Portraits & Body Image Issues — ❤

6. Trieste: A Day of Prosecco, Gelato and Castles

7. 10 Smart Ways to Multitask

8. Best Date Place in Sydney: Golden Age Cinema

9. 3 Tips for Layering Necklaces Like A Pro

10. 6 Solutions for When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

Enjoy today’s links as much as I enjoyed reading them! And hopefully learn a thing or two. ❤


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