25 Indoor Activities For A Rainy Day


I should be at school now to process my transcript but it’s raining hard. Yep, there’s a storm! So, I’m canceling my plan and would just stay indoor. My niece and nephew’s school had announced a class suspension too. Days like these is such a bummer. Pfft!
I prepared a list one can do when it rains and when stuck indoors. Something to keep us busy or relax with the sound of rain outside.Ā  šŸ™‚

1. Pop a popcorn or fry fries and watch movies or a full season of your favorite TV series.
2. Listen to new released songs.
3. Sleep. Now that’s the best part. Haha! They also say rainy day is cuddle weather but if you don’t have someone to cuddle, you have pillows for sure anyway.
4. Read a good book. Such a cliche but the joy of reading never gets old. And some books are better re-reading. šŸ˜‰
5. Do crafts.
6. Sit next to your window with a hot chocolate or coffee and watch the rain.
7. Online shop. Or just simply browse online shops. And make a Wish List blog post. 😜
8. Make a list of blog post ideas.
9. Read helpful articles in the internet.
10. Exercise.
11. Spend time with the family and chat.
12. Paint your nails. (What I’ll do later.) šŸ˜‰
13. Clean up your closet. (What I did earlier.) šŸ˜‰
14. Re-arrange the furniture in your room or house.
15. Do your laundry. Why not, right? And sleep after you’re done. Heh!
16. Bake.
17. Play online games.
18. Play board games with the family.
19. Start a blog.
20. Watch How-To videos on YouTube.
21. Watch documentaries.
22. Make a scrapbook.
23. Have a relaxing hot bath.
24. Doodle.
25. Catch up with unread blog posts. šŸ˜‰

Photo from Unsplash

Hoping this is helpful! I felt bored earlier but with this list I could already imagine I’ll have a nice day staying indoor.Ā  šŸ™‚


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