BESTIES by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson


In this digital age where everything’s just a click away, where you could follow your beauty or fashion icons in all of her social media, there’s a point where you get jealous of what they have because of what you see on the photos they post or how they get so beautiful in the magazine covers. You know that their photos for magazines or billboards undergo Photoshop, yet you still see them as the epitome of beauty. I’m guilty of that. I thought they have a perfect life and wished I was them. But no. They’re people like us too that also have their highs and lows, they also had horrible relationships and have been dumped. They also go through with everything that normal girl experiences. They too struggle with people trying to put them down and everyone who judges them.

With this book, they let us know their experiences and share what they went through. They both know that they’re not experts in life but with this book they can give us that extra boost to face challenges, to know that we are not alone and to also be open minded in women being supportive and learning from each other.

About the Authors
Solenn Heussaff

After a stint as one of the castaways on Survivors Philippines: Celebrity Showdown, Solenn Heussaff was catapulted to stardom, becoming a popular host, singer, actress, and endorser. But before she starred in movies like Temptation Island and Tiyanak, she was a professional makeup artist, sometime model, and fashion designer for the brand Tan Gan. On her downtime, she cooks breakfast for her friends, works out with her fiance, and watches critically-acclaimed cinematic achievements like Step Up.

Georgina Wilson

Just six years ago, Georgina Wilson was immersed in big money business, finishing accounting and finance studies in Sydney and working at an accounting firm in London. She’s since found her calling as one of the country’s most famous facesβ€”a top endorser, social media superstar, and magazine cover girl. Don’t think she’s not putting that beautiful mind to work though. In 2013, she put up the popular eyewear brand Sunnies Studios with her cousin Martine Cajucom and friends Bea Soriano and Eric Dee.

She also hosted Asia’s Next Top Model 3.

Besties by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson

In this book, they talked about self-confidence, fashion, beauty, diet & food, fitness, finance, travel, love, sex, and madness, and friendship. To quote from their prologue

The title is not authoritative because the book is not. This is not a guide to life. It’s not about β€œWe’re right. This is our definition of life.” This is a book of life experiences.

Nevertheless, Besties had been one of the best books I bought. I learned so much in every chapter they tackled.

Erwan Heussaff, restaurant owner and is Solenn’s brother, being the health buff he is today (he once hit 240lbs) also shared some life diet rules and guide to eating healthy when you’re eating out. He also shared healthy dishes recipes. Click here to read his blog.

What I loved most about the book is they shared some travel rules and Martine’s pointers on traveling on a budget. She also shared some great travel apps and websites.

All in all, this is a book I highly recommend. It’s both informative and entertaining. I believe it’s worth your money too. πŸ˜‰

They’ll have a book signing in August but details are yet to announce. I’m hoping it’s just around Metro Manila so I could come and have my book signed. ❀


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