I met my childhood friend in the most unexpected time and place yesterday — while crossing the pedestrian lane of a busy street somewhere in Makati. When I heard someone called my name, never in a million years could I have thought that it would be him. We haven’t met since we graduated elementary and that was last 2004. Also, I thought he was still in Iloilo.

I was really surprised when I saw him! I wanted to do that thing they always do in the movies where people pinch themselves to make sure what’s happening is actually really happening.

We did a little catch up while standing on the side walk. Asking questions to each other and laughed at some childhood memories.

Unfortunately, we didn’t had a photo taken together yesterday but knowing he’s working in Makati made it possible to see him again. I shared to my mom and sisters what happened when I came home and they too were surprised and happy. (His older sister and my older sister were classmates too before.)

What happened is worth writing and sharing here in my blog and I can’t wait to see him again and talk longer. I’m just so happy seeing old friends again. 🙂


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