Check them out. You might enjoy reading them too and learn a thing or two. 🙂
1. Dreaming to be here in this rooftop apartment in Norway.

2. How to style denim  for any occasion

3. Hazel’s review of Play On by Michelle Smith plus a giveaway that is open internationally.

4. Hotel Gotham in Manchester

5. Emily’s favorite flower and vase combinations

6. Want to make some grilled cheese pizza sandwiches? Check out the recipe.

7. 3 ways to tie a scarf

8. Check out these tips to taking better blog photos

9. When your friend leaves you for her boyfriend


11 thoughts on “LINKS I LOVE: VOL. 07

  1. Loved the Gotham Hotel!!! Splendid!!! I did one on the Hotel that was used in the movie ”The Shining” !!! It was posted on December 30, 2014. Just saying… In case it is of some interest to you… It is one of the most iconic movie set to many people. And to me!


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