Happy Authors’ Day!

Celebrate literature in all its forms on Authors’ Day, and show your appreciation for the incredibly hard work put in by the authors behind your favourite writings.


As a reader, I’m really in awe how you put effort and dedication in writing a novel or poetry or any other forms of literature and publish them into a book. How wide your imaginations are and how clever you put them into words. You all have my respect.


To my favorite poet, Andy, I’ll always be a fan. And the dream of yours? You know I’ll always cheer and support you! 🙂


Currently + Links I Love

Ola! I’m back again after weeks of being quiet here on my blog. Same old reason — work and no Wi-Fi. How are you guys though?  Thank you for still sticking with me despite the lack of posts. I really appreciate it. 🙂

With being at work five times a week and 8+ hours a day, my life had been uneventful. LOL. Not complaining though, because next year would be different. ^_^

Shoutout to Andy for sending this. ❤

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